The Experience

Hey all, some of you may know me as the guitarist of The LOO, a Dutch rockband. We once did an interview for 3voor12 Rotterdam. One of the questions was; what would be the name of your solo project. My answer was: ‘The Johnny G. Smith Experience’.

Since I played my last show with them in January of this year. And I’ve had a break for long enough now. It’s time to start. 

This blog will be part of my new project, that’s why it’s called ‘The Experience’. I will share my thoughts on music, explain the way I approach it, the way I live it. There will be lessons, reviews, actually anything that will pop up in my mind that I would like to share. As some of you may know, I’ve been teaching and writing besides just playing guitar and perform with the band. So I hope this blog will benefit from that experience and that perhaps it will be useful to some of you. Or at least entertaining. If not, I’ll still have fun making it. And of course there will be new music, don’t you worry. You will be the first to know.

The LOO interview

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