Heroes: Slash


When I just started playing guitar my biggest hero was Slash. Not only did I wanted to learn every riff and solo he played,  I wanted to be like him.
I tried to dress like him and even my stage performance was similar to his. He’s the reason the Les Paul model is still my favorite guitar.

Eventually I moved on from the whole Slash image and studied a lot of other guitarists and different musical styles. But it was a good way to start. Not only did it lay the foundation of my guitar skills, I also learned a lot on how to act on stage. Which depending on the music you play, can be very important.

It was actually a lot of fun when I joined The LOO, I was able to bring a bit of that old Slash persona back to life.

Listening to other guitarists or even other musicians, and try to play what they’re playing is the best way to learn. And even if you don’t get it right the first time, you will learn a lot just from trying.

Just to give you a start and for your entertainment. Here are my two favorite Slash riffs of ‘Appetite for Destruction: ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ and ‘Nightrain’.

Use a Les Paul and Marshall to get that Slash sound.

Sweet Child o' Mine

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