The love-hate relationship

I’m not talking about the kind that involves people, but the one you have with certain objects.

For me it’s the Fender Stratocaster. I always liked the sound and most of the artists that are known for their signature Strat sound. Hendrix, David Gilmour, SRV, Clapton, Jeff Beck and many others.

20130328_173819Although I love their music I never liked to play the Strat. I tried one every now and then, but it never felt right. The shape didn’t suit me, the controls were in the wrong place. I would knock the pickup selector switch and the volume knob constantly. Changing sounds at random or cause a sudden volume drop. Now that’s not something you want when you’re in the heat playing a killer solo or any other moment when you’re on stage.

Now there is something called GAS, gear or guitarists acquisition syndrome. So at some point I needed to have one. Just for the sound and besides you need all the classic models: Les Paul, Tele and Strat. So a few years ago, finally there she was. A blonde Fender Stratocaster a 57 reissue to be more precise. The geek I am, it had to be more or less vintage correct. More on that subject some other time, it’s a curse I tell you.

After I got her I tried to bond with it intensively. Playing the hell out of it. Getting used to the vintage radius, the weird knob placement. And low and behold after a few weeks she felt comfortable, even comfortable enough to gig with her.

By Lennaert Willemsen

But after the honeymoon period I was drawn back to my trusty Les Paul. The Strat retired, living most of the time in her case. Feeling more or less the same about her the way I did before. Picking her up every now and then, and deciding that it wasn’t for me. Just nice to play at home if I wanted that real Hendirx or Gilmour sound.

Last week I picked her up again, did a setup and for some reason I can’t put her down. It’s crazy how these things work. Yes I’m in love again. I might even take her out tonight.

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