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  • Guitars
    In this day and age it’s rather common to order a guitar online and have it shipped to your home. Even in the shop where I’m working people often ask for a ‘new’ guitar from the warehouse when they’re finished trying the guitars that are hanging on the wall. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’mContinue reading “Guitars”
  • Confession
    Where should I begin… I would like to share a personal story with you, because I feel that it needs to be shared. So just to bring it out in the open, the last few years have been rough. Some of you know that I had a burnout in 2018, but what hardly anyone knowsContinue reading “Confession”
  • Food for thought
    I bought this little guitar in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the beginning of my trip with the Transsiberian Railway. It was the summer of 2005, a completely different world compared to todays crisis. But even before the lockdown of the world, just a few weeks ago, it was very different back then. It was stillContinue reading “Food for thought”
  • Rockin in a Free World
    Back in the day, before Facebook and Instagram there was MySpace. An online platform where as a band you could share your music and build a fanbase.Now it’s long gone, but even back then I wrote little stories. Going through the archives I found one that’s still relevant. So here it is. Money for NothingContinue reading “Rockin in a Free World”
  • Review: Postpakketjes van Overzee
    What can I say. I just finished the book ‘Postpakketjes van Overzee’ by Dewi Deijle. It roughly translates to ‘Parcels from Oversea’. It’s a story about her, but also about me and over 3000 others. So it’s also a collective story. It’s about us, the +3000 parcels that were shipped to the Netherlands all theContinue reading “Review: Postpakketjes van Overzee”


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